Overthought Studio ( OtS ) is a collaboration-driven creative digital studio, combining deep thinking with bold intuition.

Many of us overthink. We might catch ourselves thinking about something we heard weeks ago or spend hours thinking about something that hasn't even happened yet.

We at OtS understand what that's like – we've been there. And we choose to turn our overthinking impulses into an asset, viewing our thoughts from way up high, going above and beyond the everyday standards. We allow ourselves to think deeply about the things we care about, but also trust ourselves and our intuition.
We understand how much it takes to build and maintain a business. That‘s why empathy is at the very core of how we work.
We also know that it requires a bold mindset, passion and a lot of thought. We believe that by thinking deeply and trusting our intuition, we can achieve creative and sustainable solutions, uniquely authentic to each of our clients.

Through an empathetically guided collaboration with clients and a talented network of partners, OtS creates and supports strong brands – from the inside out.

Overthought Studio is the new LANI Digital Design.